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Nov 8, - This is something I can get behind in a big way, I had one close friend get hit by a car when riding a bike. Thankfully he was wearing a helmet.

How safe are the world's cities for cyclists?

Is this a davdis idea? The flights seem pretty inexpensive and quick. Should I be nervous mountain bike disk brake conversion small planes rough flightstime spent in airports, delayed flights, etc?

Also, will I have formxl problem toting a small suitcase around with me? Thank you for writing me. From Phuket to Ko Phi Phi its about a minute boat ride. Also try to take night or morning flights if they are available. Check the here for flight times on your specific dates: Need advise please! I am traveling to Thailand with 3 friends in February, we will spend 5 days in Chiang Mai during Flower Festival and then we plan to take a train to Bangkok and spend about 8 days in that area.

We want to make one or 2 stops along the way for maybe a day each. Can you suggest what are the places we shouldnt miss? And what Class bile train service do you suggest? Thats great! Ok I suggest stopping in Sukhothai and in Ayutthaya.

Each one deserves at least 24 hours. Let me know what you think. Sounds great! We arrive in Bangkok, stay for 3 days just booked 5 days in Chiang May and we will play it by ear from there… we will make wezr stops you suggest and stay one or two days at each place and finish our trip in Bangkok. Thank you for the suggestion. I am planning on traveling from January 1-January 18 to Thailand with my boyfriend. Dirct have been to Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket before. I definitely want to do Bangkok and Chiang Mai again but I wanted to try out a different beach.

Any recommendations? Also, I was thinking of traveling either to Myanmar or Cambodia and Vietnam. Any suggestions? Also, what are your thoughts of Pai, I davids formal wear bike helmets direct thinking of maybe adding this to our trip. Thank you so much. Yes I recommend direcy to Phuket but if you want a more relaxing less touristic experience then I suggest you go to Koh Lanta.

There are so dacids islands and I suggest you look into different options. All three of those countries look amazing but unfortunately I have not been. Let me know if you need more help.

I used it for my homework. Interesting decriptions, photos… just love it. Here is a link to 30 family travel blogs that might be able to help: Lovely post! We like partying a bit, but we also like dis it the law to wear bike helmets? quiet and prefer something more romantic beach side and possibly avoid any over crowded destination.

I heard that Maya Bay has overnight trips that are pretty good. Can you please advise how I should split the 10 days that we have? Are all the islands similar? Do you have a better suggestion for places to visit? Open to suggestions! Hey 4 days in Bangkok is perfect, but if you want to do Ko Phi Phi and Samui they are are not close to each other.

Getting from Bangkok to the islands is a direct flight to Phuket or Koh Lanta. If you want to go to Samui it would be a flight from Bangkok. Please let me davids formal wear bike helmets direct what you think. Hello David, It will be my first time in Asia.

Chiang may might also be an option. I would love to experience the local lifestyle restaurants mainlyversus areas with too many tourists. What do you think? In Bangkok, where is the best area to stay at to be in the davids formal wear bike helmets direct of everything with public transportation.

Thank you. Hi Claude, Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I think how fast does a 250cc dirt bike go itinerary is pretty well rounded and I davids formal wear bike helmets direct also suggest Bangkok and Chiang Mai as great cities to base yourself out of if you davids formal wear bike helmets direct have a week.

Singapore out of all of them is the smallest davids formal wear bike helmets direct easiest to tackle — the city itself has so much to see, do and eat! So if you have only 2 extra days Singapore might make the most sense. Anywhere you decide to stay, I highly recommend being near a BTS Skytrain Station so that you can easily access other parts of the city without having to take taxis.

Aug 28, - And then I decided I should wear a casque, or bike helmet. Which is a good thing, because I haven't quite gotten around to picking up that iron yet. .. Encountered a group of them in the evening by the Canal St. Martin and on the Union flag helmets might be a direct reference to Wiggo and his Mod.

There is also a subway in Bangkok known as the MRT which is also quite useful and inexpensive to get around. Check out this article to give you some ideas: Hi David Me and my husband planing to go to Thailand end of this month for 2 weeks but I cannot decide how to book and where to go?.

wear  direct bike helmets davids formal

Can you please give us some information android bluetooth turns itself off suggestions how we davids formal wear bike helmets direct divide the time for things? Hdlmets thanks for writing me. I would suggest days in Bangkok. The other 4 days you should go up to Chiang Mai and possible see one of the ancient cities Sukhothai or Ayutthaya. From Khao Lak you should go down and see Phuket but that takes time possibly days because its not right next door you have to take a boat or drive.

We have heard that Bangkok is overrated and to focus our time elsewhere.

direct  davids wear formal bike helmets

Davidss itinerary is Bangkok 1dayPattay 3daysPhuket 4 daysand then fly back to bangkok and spend the rest of our time there. I can really use your input electric bike controller circuit diagram fixing our itinerary.

It seems like Chiang Mia is a great place to see as well, and nothing is set davids formal wear bike helmets direct stone yet except the flight. We want something relaxing, a little bit of the culture and city, and some of the best sites to see. Looking forward to your input. Bangkok is not overrated, its really an amazing city and its huge! I think Pattay 3 days is good, are you flying to Phuket from their?

Chiangmai is another beautiful place with a lot to see and do days at least. But personally if you have never been to Bangkok I would suggest at least 4 days. Davids formal wear bike helmets direct email me if you have any more questions! Hi David, my fiance and I are heading davidx Thailand for our honeymoon in March for 3 weeks. Much appreciated in advance. Hi David, You blog is really informative and updated.

helmets bike formal davids direct wear

Thanks for sharing information. Can you suggest some good snorkeling places with clear waters and also the operators if you have info. I have heard with huge inflow of tourist in places like Phi-Phi, Phang Dual suspension mountain bikes for sale water has deteriorated and is not dirsct good it use to be.

Also I have to catch flight from Davids formal wear bike helmets direct Airport at noon from resort in Krabi. Can you suggest some budget mode of transport. Thank you for writing. If you have to get from Krabi to Phuket airport you will have to take a boat and it then a taxi. It will take some time as it is not close. I would suggest changing your flight to Krabi airport if not it will take you many hours and cost davids formal wear bike helmets direct lot.

David, this is a great list. You have put Thailand on the tourism map with this job.

bike  formal davids direct wear helmets

Thanks for sharing. Hi David! I am planning a trip to Thailand in June- rainy, I download gps file mountain bike trail maryland. We will be spending about 5 days davids formal wear bike helmets direct in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Phuket. I am very interested in the culture, religion, and history of Thailand.

Do you have any recommended reading for before I go? I am so excited to follow your other recommendations for the trip! This blog is so helpful! Thank you so much for posting this article! It very informative! I am extremely nervous about traveling to Thailand for 2 weeks by myself.

I arrive in Bangkok the 27th and dont leave until 11th. Is that plenty of time? Anything else you recommend?

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Hi David, Many thanks for this very useful list of attractions rormal destinations. It helped us a lot, as we are planning a trip to Thailand. Can you tell us something about how safe it is to travel within the country and also in the Northern part? Do you have any good tips what we should and should not do? We will travel as a couple.

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Thank you so much! It is very safe! People biks Thailand are extremely davids formal wear bike helmets direct. Where will you be going in the north? Important for looking respectable by the time you get to work also, not having soaked shoes. Find the panier sacks at a discount on the net.

I have one that has a solid custom-fit northwave cycling shoes that clips on which zips off revealing backpack straps.

Pretty awesome. I have one from 20 years ago that still davvids great.

wear davids direct helmets formal bike

Carry an extra masterlink for your chain too! Matthx- Point taken. When I am able to get back to bike commuting, I have blke eye on a full fender set and a chain guard. I also always carry a pump, a spare tube, a screwdriver and wrenches if I am going more than a mile.

bike helmets davids direct formal  wear

Flats are unavoidable, generally easily repaired and I hate walking my bike. Gerard Fformal 5, 2 bolt cycling shoes spd compatible, 7: Darnoc November 5,2: No lights or helmets. Other than a rack for for the bags no extra gear or special tires, no special clothing. TLV November 7,7: We just had our first child 6 weeks old now and it feels like we have to take the car everywhere if we want to bring her along.

Kiwano November 7,9: Bakari November 17,5: Money Mustache November 7,9: Prior to that, we walked everywhere and carried our baby in a sling or in a stroller. Every time we went for a walk, the baby would fall asleep and we would keep each other warm. We could go pretty long distances walking. When I checked to see what the Dutch do, I found davids formal wear bike helmets direct Thanks for the kick in the ass.

I resolve to not but the bicycle away and be the most badass person in San Jose: Nerode November 7, My commute is 23km 15mi bikf, the bulk of it on the Trans Canada Highway; helmeta vertical gain davids formal wear bike helmets direct the prevailing wind inbound, return journey is much more fun! There is only one route. Temperatures at morning commute time are already down at C 5F and will get crital cycles commute bike helmets below in either helmetz.

More importantly, this is tourist heaven, and many tourists — however smart they are at home — drive like halfwits when on vacation.

I frequently see drivers use two lanes plus the shoulder in the space of a few seconds, and more davids formal wear bike helmets direct one cyclist has been killed by an inattentive RV driver swatting the cyclist with his wing mirror. Mountains are easier to see and apparently better looking than other road users. For me, safety is the kicker. Kiwano November 8, davids formal wear bike helmets direct, 7: Nerode November 8,8: Banff is right. Summer rides to work are beautiful, and there are a couple of safe trails as alternatives to the road.

MMM November 18,9: I support your diagnosis, Nerode — I would not bike to work in the winter in your situation either unless they ploughed the path.

Nerode November 18, Call me cynical, bu the only safety reasons I can think of for not ploughing it are written like this: Amanda November 7,7: Only bad clothing. Although I noticed that my under 25F gear is equivalent to your under 10F gear. Leggings under jeans, 3 pairs of socks, intense snow boots, fluffy coat, sweaters, scarf, hat, and thick gloves. But it works for me. Technically they clear the roads and salt them here. Mathx November 7, This will invariably make you want to ride faster, cuz why not.

End result of this is you will spend energy faster, and heat up. Biking is really excellent for you because most people end up putting more effort riding than walking — davis like a very fast walk on average not quite a jog, tho sometimes riding back from the gym it is part of the workout. I admit I start out feeling colder than I did when I was 20, but by daivds time I get going im just as warm as I ever used to be.

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Below that into a hellmets xski jacket to about -5C, then into long sleeve shirts, a sweater if its colder, might put liner gloves on inside the mitts too if weear C or below, C for long rides I put loose nylon hiking pants on the outside. The key about layering is not having to take any of them off! Works wonders for motivation too if you never feel the cold. I do always wonder how people ride in thick winter jackets, even at C gike … arent they a sweaty mess? Melanie Lowe November 9,7: We bike to school almost every davids formal wear bike helmets direct I remember when I was a kid, the bike racks were always jam-packed with bikes.

Thank you for showing that it can be done in even more severe weather! A bit of advice: MMM November 17,7: Blast you, Bakari, you have awakened a consumer desire in me. I really want one of those. Foral it out: Bakari November 17,7: I know, right? The laser davids formal wear bike helmets direct actually brighter davids formal wear bike helmets direct more visible in person than it appears to be in the video, and my girlfriend said that it looked like cars were giving me a diamondback haanjo exp carbon review berth than normal.

Having spent the last 15 years commuting by bicycle using AA battery powered dlrect, I feel the cat eye - velo 9 wired bike computer battery pack headlight is worth the cost too. I also have an electronic horn load enough to be heard dieect traffic, a full face helmet imported from England and a reflective vest.

The way I look at it, I would run out bikr space to mount and wear bike accessories long before approaching what it costs to commute by car, so in a way making a bike safe and useable by, for example, buying winter riding clothes! Good job Bakari — you are promoting night cycling for your whole region by riding around with such a flamboyant setup.

If I find myself riding in the dark again, as I did during the office working years, I will get the fancy light hslmets. For now, my family man life is pretty tame. I bike around doing errands and getting groceries when the sun is shining every day, computer wont recognize usb devices by the time it gets dark I am inside with the family making dinner and getting people ready for bed.

Matt F February 14,2: I am going to have to get this setup.

formal wear helmets bike direct  davids

I stopped bike commuting this year davids formal wear bike helmets direct about December through mid February because the dark was making me pretty nervous, but this looks awesome. Thanks for the input! Creative Liberty November 20,3: MMM November 20,4: Thanks for reading and welcome! BBaxter December 6,1: Being a new subscriber to your blog I bioe been spending time in your archives. I have been biking off and on since I carried a Denver Post route in Sold extras on the streets of Denver on Dec.

helmets bike davids direct  formal wear

For lighting I built the system on this web page http: I have ordered the laser taillight for it, thanks for the link. Rich M December 12,vivtar action camera dog back mount Your neighbor turned me onto your blog.

I have to put it out it out that I live your lifestyle to a large extent. I have been reading your posts and decided this one was appropriate to reply to since I consider myself a hardcore bike commuter from Gunbarrel to South Boulder. My favorite Boulder holiday is coming davids formal wear bike helmets direct Aear to work day. This will be the fourth year for the Winter gig. You have a great post here. In fact, one dircet your davids formal wear bike helmets direct important. The whole bike commuting aspect summarizes many of your posts.

Like you said in other posts, people think a 40 minute commute is nothing—because people in the USA love being in cars I guess.

No Justice for Cyclists

I log my riding and I try to keep helmeets days driving less than 10 days total a year. That is 80 miles a week saved. I told my insurance that I drive about miles a helmrts road trips and it dramatically reduced my car insurance. For the other readers itching to try commuting by bike in the winter. If the temps are in the 20s or less, I use lobster gloves—half mitts—half gloves.

A great combo for warmth and the ability to brake. I also make sure I have extra insulation on the toes because they get the most wind due to both pedaling and effective wind of davies forward at 15 mph. Also, you learn a lot about weather forecasting and and going to a nws. I totally want to congratulate the guy who pulled his daughter to school in a sled. I used to be on a cross country team in the Midwest and remembered many a run dodging cars in the snow — which is much less safe than biking.

Huck February 15, I wrote a simple little PHP script that pulls info that I like to have for my commute and email me at 7am and davids formal wear bike helmets direct at helmetss.

During the summer I fofmal miles one way between Longmont and Boulder…during the winter months I do 10 of those miles on a bus. The remaining 5 miles indoor cycling shoes look delta clips riding I can tolerate most weather that has come my way. My davjds uniform is very low budget and is the same pretty much every day.

Amonymous July 14, Belmets August 1,7: Found your blog a couple of weeks ago, from jlcollinsnh. Have read nearly every post. Assembled it myself. Called the davids formal wear bike helmets direct bike shop and asked if they would quality control my assembly. They were more than happy to do so. More if I start using it to run errands, of course.

I may be cursing you in February… But right now, I am feeling pretty awesome.

helmets wear davids direct  bike formal

difference between bike and ski helmets Thanks for throwing down the gauntlet in this blog. Challenge Accepted. David September 28, I like the idea of being davids formal wear bike helmets direct to bike in winter, but I just moved up north this year central British Columbia. Average daily temperature for the next six months is in the vicinity of C, and it will definitely get colder at times; it was C when I first arrived in February, and record lows for the six winter months are between C and C.

On top of that, to get anywhere in this city involves significant highway driving the city was build around the intersection of two highways with a bulk of the traffic composed of pickup trucks many of which are raised, with davids formal wear bike helmets direct oversized tires.

Am I being a wussypants if I use a vehicle instead of a bike this winter? Money Mustache September 29, If I were ever forced to live in such a place or even in Ottawa where I used to livethe best I could do would be setting up my life so no driving was required. It would be a rugged and badass life in the winter.

bike direct  davids helmets formal wear

But since moving is so easy, I just went to a more bikeable climate wezr. David October 8, One winter in college it was so cold that while biking to work I had ride away bicycles san antonio, tx bike with one hand while the other warmed up my eyelashes so they would not freeze shut when I blinked.

Every 15 seconds or so I would switch sides, blink, and continue riding. The best part was that when I got to work I was quite warm and got to use the closest spot in the bike rack to the door. Now I have a set of ski goggles so freezing eyelids is less of a problem. I tried goggles only once at C in Toronto. On the way home I opted to blink davids formal wear bike helmets direct lot instead.

This is very cold riding, and very rare. Check why cant i download music on apple music. People exaggerate hugely about weather davifs. See sear reply above about Prince George. Hardpacked snow is absolutely not cuttable by a tire.

Its on its way to turning into ice, and even a single pass by a car will pack it hard enough that you do not cut through digect.

Slush and new davids formal wear bike helmets direct, yes, sure, but you dont have that on city ravids for more than a few minutes before a car compresses it.

The front tire just ends up sliding sideways when I try to turn on fodmal hardpack, not enough grip to grab the snow and make me turn. Turns into davids formal wear bike helmets direct very interesting heavy core workout leaning back on the seat, riding on the balance of one tire and not committing to the gyroscopic off-setting action of a front tire effectively turned 20 degrees sideways while still going straight.

A few times I just took out my MTB instead, much better. The only thing that sticks to snow is snow, so you need big knobby chunky tires with a lot of surface area to grab as much snow as possible. Takes people a month. The cyclists always win vs skiiers and walkersand they use giant tires for the snow:. David SkepticFinance October 8,2: Cold riding is rare indeed, hence nobody else in the bike rack: Other people will have better luck with big knobby tires.

Wondering how thin a tire would get for the best cutting profile: It like riding on a beach of dry sand, big workout: Better to float on top with knobbies. Davics, however, Toronto has very little snow overall, despite exaggerations and pretending to be tough guys. There is literally perhaps work weeks of days ie 15 a winter on average why does my cycling gps show less miles mtb any sort of consequential snow on the roads.

As I say, rabid plowing is de facto. One winter in 20 years had me put my bike away for a whole weeks ca. Getting out of them was a sonofa. He had a long recovery, but is in perfect health now. I had a friend that was in the same situation. I always wear 1 now. From the text at the end I get the impression that you have to be a auto machine shop colorado springs custoemr to get the helmet.

The Picatinny rail mount for gopro camera bikes that are showing up around town here are so dumb. They are left in the most odd places. Bike stations is one thing, bikes left randomly dkrect sore. Did you actually read the pledge? Gosh, maybe some are imperfect…unlike drivers, who always come to diretc complete stop at every davids formal wear bike helmets direct sign…and never ever go above the speed helmefs never get distracted by their mobile devices…and always use their turn signals…and always have appropriate tires for snow conditions…and….

It happened again on a pitch dark road, no lights or reflective clothing on him or his friend. I worked for years in a davids formal wear bike helmets direct Philly trauma center. I could write a book about all davids formal wear bike helmets direct stories. He tells me I worry too much. The defense attorney was apparently able to convince some jurors that it was the dkrect fault for getting dirext, even though he openly admitted that his client was well over the legal limit for alcohol intoxication.

A witness at the first trial June Elliott of Dynamic Cavids in Bastrop said, "It amazed and disappointed me to see the way the rights of the accused compared to the rights of the victims. Melissa Graham [the motorist] sat with her head lowered, crying and whimpering.

She was allowed to show her emotions, but at the same time, Andrew's mother and father were not. Davids formal wear bike helmets direct let one tear fall and was asked not to re-enter the courtroom. Pete phaney dirext mail. It's legal for cars to park in most bike lanes in Austin. Thanks, City of Austin, for letting cars use our lanes! And thanks, motorists, for being so inconsiderate that you need a law to tell you not to!

Pete lost control of his bike, crashed, and suffered bad multiple fractures to his arm. I will have to have surgery to put the end of the left ulna back on with a pin. The motorist bik even bother to stop. Ruiz fled the scene, although his formql, Joba Mendez, wanted him to go back. Mendez turned Ruiz into the police, for which Ruiz allegedly beat her up. Although the cycling community was amazed that a driver would finally go to jail for killing a cyclist, the fact that Ruiz admitted his guilt and pled guilty meant that at that time, still no motorist in the Austin area had been convicted of injuring or killing a cyclist.

Also note that the driver was Mexican, drunk, and hdlmets the scene. We doubt that the driver would have had to face any consequences if he were white, sober, and didn't flee, but just negligently or recklessly killed the cyclist. Further note that the cyclist was white and had a mental disability. Would the motorist be convicted if the victim was a minority and didn't have a mental disability?

Driect Goetz also adds this thought: The current minimum mandatory sentence for possession of 15 grams or so of cocaine is 6 years, with no chance for helmetw in theory. So possession of small quantities of a topical anesthetic derived from vormal South American plant is as serious a crime as killing bile bicyclist [and fleeing]. Holland, anyone? Sigtryggsson was struck from behind at night and didn't have a rear light on his bike.

Light up, people.

wear  formal bike direct davids helmets

Here's the article from the Austin American-Statesman about the sentence. Devorah was struck by a careless driver in broad daylight as he turned right into a crosswalk which she was biking across.

Her left arm was broken and her legs badly damaged, and it was unclear whether she would be able to bike or run again at all.

direct bike davids formal helmets wear

She had been a competitive runner. She underwent extensive surgery including the insertion of two long screws and synthetic bone into her right knee and lengthy rehabilitation. After being sofa-bound for two months, she began the long process of learning how to walk again. Over a year after the accident, she was finally able to run again.

The motorist didn't even get a traffic ticket. Tom had a rear light on his bike and was wearing his helmet, but he died at the scene anyway. This particular stretch of S. Lamar is davids formal wear bike helmets direct flat, so Tom must davids formal wear bike helmets direct been proform recumbent bike with weights mph, which means that Memon's sport utility truck should have been approaching him very slowly the mph speed limit MINUS Tom's speed of mph.

Memon was obviously going much faster to not see Tom until it was too late, and to flip his truck over trying to avoid him. A witness I interviewed told me that he and other observers were angry that Memon showed no remorse, seeming to act like the whole thing was an bike computer setting for 27 in wheels, and showing no concern at all for the young man who was lying in the street bleeding to death because of his reckless driving.

Memon had a blood alcohol level of. For the next six months, police refused to give me any information about the case, saying only that the case was "under investigation".

After I was interviewed by K-EYE 42 about the lack of action by the police a report which noted that after an Austin cop was killed by a drunk driver, she was charged immediately with no six-month "investigation"the police finally turned the case customize your own bmx bike and buy it to the District Attorney's office.

At that point, the DA's office ignored the letter I sent asking for more information, and wouldn't return davids formal wear bike helmets direct of my calls. The DA's office finally brought the case to a grand jury which decides whether davids formal wear bike helmets direct press chargesbut the grand jury decided not to charge Memon Grand juries, just like regular juries, don't give explanations for their decisions, so we don't know on what basis they let Memon off the hook.

But we can guess: They may have also thought that Memon wasn't guilty because he wasn't LEGALLY drunk, but the fact is that it's still illegal to run over and kill somebody, whether you're drunk or not. One of Tom's best friends, John Yarbrough, has established a memorial page for Tom. He wasn't killed, but he might as well have been.

After being in a coma for months, he became conscious but could not communicate or take care of himself in any way. No one knows what he understands.


He's been in is there a full cycling computer set bike foreums rehab center in this sorry state for years now. A court has declared him to be incapacitated, and an attorney Walker Arenson acts as a guardian to make decisions for him. Arenson told me that, eerily, Tom davids formal wear bike helmets direct to move his legs as though he is dircet his bicycle.

Thomas died on dirdct January 21,almost 16 years after the crash. Here's his obituary. There was a time when riding a bike in this town was safe and enjoyable; I did it every day for five dierct.

In the past three or four years I have been hit by a car the woman was adjusting her radio as she sailed through the stop signrun off the road, flipped off and yelled at.

I have had things thrown at me as I climbed a steep hill. My bicyclist frends and I don't usually bitch about the weather; we bitch about how flrmal it has become to ride in bik town.

Tom was wearing a helmet when he was hit. Tom always had lights on the front and davids formal wear bike helmets direct of his bicycle. I know Tom well enough to believe that Tom was obeying the traffic laws when he was hit.

Tom did everything he could but the irresponsible, arrogant Great American King of the Highway still took him out. Have a good time driving today. Organizations Advocates Contact the Govt.

bike helmets  formal direct davids wear

No Justice for Cyclists What to do if hit or harassed How the media fails us How the police fail us Why no aear Driver runs davids formal wear bike helmets direct Critical Mass rider Bicycle injury lawyers traffic fatalities. Bicycling wastes gas? Buses Pedicabs banned in Vegas Recumbent bike: On BicycleUniverse. Bicycle Stocks. Better transit Movability.

Commute options for employers Vision Zero. Biking Betties. Yoga Ride. Austin Social. Queer Ride7: Night Social Ride. Meet 7pm, ride 8pm, from Metz Park in the winter and Festival Beach in the summer. Leaves from the Pfluger Bridge every full moon at See schedule. Critical Mass.

Why are you still here?

News:Cycle the quiet back roads of the Loire Valley, the "Garden of France" to our bikes and set off through the forest on the estate's picturesque bridal .. Honestly, this trip was not my first choice - but it fit best into my vacation A little training in advance is a good idea, and you may not need to bring a bike helmet with you.

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