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Dirt bikes are tall, some of them very tall, which is an issue for shorter people. the ground and as the bikes are also a bit lighter, they are easier to pick up. to do an engine rebuild though, it is a lot easier and cheaper than on a 4-stroke bike.

The two-stroke has less moving parts and is much simpler.

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It also is a lot easier to extract horsepower from the 2T than it is from the more complex 4T engines. The weekend comes and it is time to load the bike up and head out with your friends for a ride.

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On your first lap, while warming the bike up, it locks up when landing off a jump. After taking the bike back dirr your mechanic for a full assessment of the damage it turns out that the piston has let go and destroyed the top end. Out of pocket: The four-stroke bike also did a great job.

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They are capable of moving rpm that means times in a second. This is astonishing and remarkable.

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Weight The 4 stroke dirt bikes are heavier than 2 strokes bikes because of additional features added to them.

In 4 stroke bikes, the weight is in the center of the gravity. This is the main reason that yo 4 stroke bikes are taller and heavier than 2 stroke bikes.

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The company Yamaha has founded this loophole and come up with a brand new bike which has changed the thinking or tenancy towards the weight of stroke bikes.

Maintenance and handling The handling of the bikes is not the same for every biker. Many riders ride the bikes as the factory set them with default functionality.

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The manufacturer allows the riders to set the sag, rebound, and compression. When it comes to the handling or maintenance then the bikes with lightweight comes on the top positions.

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The 2 stroke bikes are very easy to handle line cc 2 stroke bikes. The strokes are quick, push less, and easily control have prevailed in 2 stroke bikes.

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But when you have to ride in extreme then choose 4 stroke bikes because they have excellent power delivery. Easy to ride The 2 stroke bikes are light in weight and easy rebuils ride but when you have to ride in trail then the 4 stroke bikes are the best choice.

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If you are going for the long run then choose 4 stroke bikes. These bikes also consume less oil.

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Eric Ellis August 1, at 4: Hi Brew, thanks for checking out our post. That can be true, however, all dirt bikes require proper maintenance and care and depending on your mechanical knowledge and skills, yeah working on them can be a little intimidating. A two stroke is a bit easier to work on than a four stroke though.

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Also with some much information available on the internet and so many videos on YouTube you engien find great solutions to just about any problem you may come across. JHundo August 12, at 5: Good read. Best way to explain it to my friends who want me to teach them to ride.

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I would add that some 2 strokes have a hard snap that will scare most beginners and rebuilf them to whiskey throttle. In my opinion, I think a 4 stroke is a smoother entry for those just starting out.

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Although when I started strike it was jumping on whatever I get touch my feet to the ground with and letting it rip. Eric Ellis August 14, at 3: Hi JHundo, thanks for reading our article and commenting.

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You make very good points and yeah the two stroke is quite a bit snappier and could scare people away. The four stroke is a great bike to learn on.

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Ride safe. Justin Bolduc charleau November 5, at 7: Engine Rebuilds, Suspension work and bike setup,tire changes plus general repairs performed.

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Text or call with what you need done. Ride Safe: I have a 4 stroke dirt bike for trade.

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It is a crf clone same engine design and Frame. Uses many Bkie parts. It has a fresh rebuild with maybe 3 hours on it.

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Lots of new parts including performance cdi, aftermarket coil and lots more.

News:Dec 23, - 2 stroke top bottom end rebuild dirt bike When it comes time for an engine rebuild, many riders pass their dirt bike over to their local . If you discover play, but decide not to replace the crank, you risk a big end failure, which.

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